Getting Started - Customers

Your center is now using My Fit Pro to stream classes. Follow these simple steps to enjoy class!


To get started, there are two basic pieces of information you need:

  1. Class Page Link
  2. Class Password

If you do not have either of these, please contact your Instructor for assistance.

Device Types

To ensure optimal service, please ensure you keep your software up to date. You can watch classes on the following devices:
  • iPhone or iPad (with iOS 12 or above - devices made from 2013 onwards)
  • Apple TV (AirPlay from your iOS device)
  • Android phone
  • Google ChromeCast (cast from your Android device or Chrome browser on desktop)
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Smart TV with built in browser (must be a modern browser that supports the latest https)
  • Windows PCs with up to date software and browsers.
  • Apple Mac computers with up-to-date software and browsers.

How to Watch Class

While there are many ways to connect and stream to a TV, the best, easiest and safest route for stability and quality is to stay within the same brand ecosystem. If you have an iPhone, use Apple TV. If you have an Android, use Chromecast. This is the quickest setup possible with fewer complications.

Method / Device Type iPhone / iPad Android Computer
On Device View View View
Apple AirPlay View Soon! Soon!
Google Chromecast View View View
Amazon Fire TV View Soon! View
HDMI Soon! Soon! Soon!

= Recommended Option

Demo Stream

At any time (24 hours a day, 365 days a year), you can access our Demo video at: Just enter your name and the password is already prefilled for you.

This will allow you to test the stream on your computer, phone or tablet at any time.

Useful Tips

  1. Make sure your Wi-Fi is not overwhelmed by other devices. If possible, turn off other devices that may be using your internet - Google Home, Roku, Netflix, etc., and slowing your downloading speed of the video.
  2. Close all the tabs on your device which might also slow down the downloading sped of the video.
  3. In some devices you will see a "Play" button on the bottom left-hand corner of the video screen; Hit play if you don't see the live stream video.
  4. Install recent updates on your device. Check for recent updates on your device and install them.
  5. All web browsers support My Fit Pro including Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari 12, or Microsoft Edge.
  6.  Reboot your router and/or modem to reset your internet connection. You can also check your internet speed at Minimum speed of 2 Mbps download is required. If you are still facing buffering issues, call your internet service provider and see if it is time to update your router.
  7. If using your phone, set your phone to "DO NOT DISTURB" for uninterrupted streaming. Incoming phone calls can interrupt the live stream.
  8. You can connect / cast My Fit Pro Live stream to your iPhone/iPad/Android and other devices to your Smart TV. See instruction links above.
  9. Check the volume on your device and then adjust the volume control on the video player.
  10. Remember to click "Logout" after class and exit out of My Fit Pro when complete!

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