Watch from iPhone / iPad to Chromecast

Please see the pre-requisites for what you need to watch class.

Note: MomoCast is not developed, maintained or supported by My Fit Pro. We can not guarantee that it will work on all devices, environments and situations but we will do our best to troubleshoot any problems.

iPhone/iPad to Chromecast with MomoCast

  1. Download the free MomoCast application for the App Store on your iOS device:

  2. Open the MomoCast application.
  3. Press OK to approve both permission for "find and connect to devices" and "Use Bluetooth":
  4. At the top of the screen, enter in the Class Page link provided by your instructor and then press Go.
    The link will look something like:
  5. Enter your full name into the Name field.
  6. Enter in the Class Password into the Password field.
    The password is case sensitive, so pay attention to UPPER and lower case characters. 
    The password is provided to you by your instructor and may change monthly. 
  7. Press Watch Now.
  8. Once the instructor begins class, the Offline / Live icon (F in this picture) will switch to a red Live icon. Click the Play (G) button to begin.
  9. MomoCast will ask you which Google Cast Device to connect to. In this sample it is called "Living Room TV", press the desired option.
  10. The video should now begin streaming to your Google Chromecast device.
    The spinning wheel indicator (I) shows that it is connecting to your Chromecast.
    The pause button (J) allows you to stop the casting.
  11. Enjoy class!

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