Watch from iPhone / iPad to Fire TV

  1. On your Firestick/Fire TV device, hover over search icon and type "airscreen". Click Airscreen.
  2. Select Airscreen app.
  3. Click Get / Download.

  4. Wait for file to finish installing.
  5. Message may prompt when app is installed. Click Open.
  6. This will launch Airscreen. Click Start Now.
  7. Scroll down to hover over and select Settings.
  8. Select Settings again.
  9. Note the Device Name value. In this example, it is "AS-AFTMM"
    Optionally, you can click on this and change the device name to something more friendly, such as "Living Room TV"
  10. Now, switch over to your iPhone / iPad.
  11. Follow the instructions on this page to Watch from iPhone / iPad to AirPlay.
    When you get to the device selection, use the option notated above.

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