Getting Started Guide - Instructors

The following steps are to be used by any instructor or associate that will be streaming from their device to My Fit Pro.


  • Streaming Device - One of the following:
    • For iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch) the minimum requirement is iOS 9.3.
    • For Android devices the minimum requirement is Android 4.1. Unfortunately the Google Pixel 3 or Google Pixel 4 phone is not compatible.
    • For Windows or Mac computers using OBS, see the OBS system requirements.
  • A decent internet connection, either via Wi-Fi or Cellular Data with upload speeds no lower than 1 Mbps (test at

First Time Setup

  1. Locate the email from your Class Owner with the following information:
    1. Class Page
    2. Class Password (for example: ilovetodance10)
    3. Stream URLs and Keys

    It is best to access this information on the device you will be using to stream. Manually typing in the keys will lead to potential issues.

    Tip: The Stream URL and Keys can be very long and it is best to copy/paste instead of typing the string into Larix or OBS.

    Troubleshooting Tip: If you start streaming and your video never appears on the Class Page video, there is a good chance that the Stream URL entered into Larix or OBS was incorrect. Larix and OBS will report that the stream has started, but the My Fit Pro servers will never see it.

  2. Perform a Speed Test.
    Run a test to determine how fast your internet connection is. We suggest using Please run the speed test with your streaming device, in the location where you stream, at the time you stream the most. You may find that speeds vary at different times of the day (eg. day of week, morning and evening peak usage times).
    For further information on where your setting should be based upon your Upload results, please view our Resolution & Bitrate article.
  3. Set up your device.
    Follow our instructions for setting up Larix Broadcaster or OBS:
    1. Larix Broadcaster for iPhone and iPad
    2. Larix Broadcaster for Android
    3. CamStream for Android (for Google Pixel owners)
    4. OBS for Computers/Web Cam

Teach Class

  1. Start Streaming and get going!
  2. View Comments during class.
    When using a phone/tablet, you can not use the same device to stream class and view comments at the same time. Follow this article for how you can view them.

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