Setting up OBS for Mac and PC

Part 1: Install OBS

  1. Download and install OBS from  

Part 2: Set Up OBS

The first time you use the OBS app, you will need to add some settings. This is just for the first time. After that, all you need to do is open the app and start streaming.

  1. Open OBS
  2. On first opening, you will be given the option to run the auto-configuration wizard. Click Yes.

    If you accidentally click No, or want to run it again later, you can find the wizard in Tools > Auto-Configuration Wizard.

  3. Select Optimize for streaming, recording is secondary and then click Next.  

  4. Change the following in Video Settings:
    1. Base (Canvas) Resolution: 1280x720
    2. FPS: 30
    3. Then click Next

  5. Enter the following Stream Information:
    1. Service: Custom
    2. Server: The Server URL from your dashboard.
    3. Stream Key: The Stream Key from your dashboard.
    4. Video Bitrate: suggested 2000, but you may need to adjust depending on your internet connection. Review this article for how to select a proper Resolution & Bitrate option based upon your specific setup, environment and device.
    5. Tick "Prefer hardware encoding
    6. Un-tick “Estimate bitrate with bandwidth test (make take a few minutes)” 
    7. Then click Next.

  6. Click Apply Settings

  7. Now you will need to add your capture devices for video and audio. In these screenshots we have used the built-in webcam and microphone from a Mac display. Your options will differ depending on the setup of your computer.
  8. In the Sources panel at the bottom of the screen, click the + button to add a new source.

  9. Select Video Capture Device from the list.

  10. Choose "Create new"

  11. Choose your device:

    a. Select the device from the dropdown list

    b. Change the preset to 1280x720 or similar. The options available may differ depending on what device you have.

  12. Now we will add an audio input.

    Go back to the Sources panel and click the + icon, then choose Audio Input Capture.

  13. Choose your audio input device from the list and then click OK

  14. Check your setup as follows:
    1. You may need to expand your video input to fill the canvas. Click-and-drag the red box around your video to fill the canvas. 
    2. Audio levels: play your audio (music, mic, etc) and ensure the levels are all in the green, not red. This will ensure good quality audio signals. 
  15. When you are ready to go live to your class, press Start Streaming.  

  16. Your customers then log in via your streaming page in their browser or via the My Fit Pro apps for iOS and Android. See How do my customers access my class for more details.
  17. When you are finished your class, press Stop Streaming.
  18. Next time you open OBS, all you need to do is press Start Streaming.

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