Setup CamStream for Android

CamStream can be used as an alternative to Larix Broadcaster on Android. It’s useful for users who are using a Google Pixel phone, as Larix Broadcaster will not work with those devices and only broadcast sound with no video.

CamStream is free, but it will watermark your video with a URL. You can buy the pro version in the app for a one off payment of US$5.99 which will remove this watermark.

Step 1 - Download CamStream

First, download CamStream from the Google Play store:

Step 2 - Opening the app for the first time

When you open the app for the first time, you will be asked about your data settings. While you can skip this step, we suggest you press No, I choose my settings. If you do select Yes, I agree you can go to step 4.

Step 3 - Data Privacy

Turn off all the options, and then press the back arrow in the top left corner. When it asked you to Apply Settings, press Yes.

Step 4 - Permissions

CamStream is now going to ask you for permission to access your microphone and camera. When the app permission request box pops up press ok.

It will then ask you if want to allow CamStream to record audio. Select While using the app.

Next it will ask you to Allow CamStream to use your camera. Select While using the app.

You then may be asked to allow app permission again. Press ok.

This will show you the settings for Appear on top. Scroll down until you find CamStream and make sure it’s turned on. Then press the back arrow to get back into CamStream.

Step 5 - Setting up CamSteam to work with My Fit Pro

Now you should be in the main screen for CamStream. When you open the app from now on this is where you will be.

But for this first time, you need to get it set up to stream with My Fit Pro. In the top left corner press the Hamburger menu icon (the 3 horizontal lines).

Under Internet Broadcast, press Other Server…

Select Streaming Preferences

Enter in your Stream URL. You can get your Stream URL from your class owner dashboard and use the handy copy button so you can paste it in. It will start with rtmp and end with /show. Then enter your Stream key which will be a bunch of random numbers and letters. This is also in your class owner dashboard. Please make sure you copy and paste this in, as a single mistake will make it look like your stream is working but it will not show up on your My Fit Pro page.

Once you have entered those details, press the back arrow in the top left corner. Then select video preferences. For generally safe settings, select a Resolution of 1280x720 and set the bitrate to 2000.

If for any reason your students experience buffering, you may need to change these settings. Please email and we can help you adjust these settings to something that will work better for you. Generally theses settings work well for most people.

Once you have done this press the back arrow in the top left corner until you get back to CamStream’s main video window. You will not need to do any of these steps again.

Step 6 - Streaming

Now you are ready to start streaming. This is the screen you will see each time you open the app going forward. To stream to My Fit Pro simply press the green Play button.

When your class is over press the red Stop button.

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