Streaming from My Fit Pro for iOS

The simplest way to stream your class is to use the My Fit Pro app for iOS. This works on iPhone/iPad with iOS 14.5 and above, and Mac computers with M1 silicon chips or above.

If you are a class owner, and you want your team to be able to stream on their personal devices, you must invite your instructors to your team. They cannot stream via the My Fit Pro app without a login.

Step by step instructions

  1. Download My Fit Pro on the App Store
  2. Tap Instructor log in

  3. Enter your My Fit Pro login (email address and password). If you don't know your password, you can reset your password.

  4. Choose which class you want to stream to.
    1. If you only have access to one class, simply tap on that class.

    2. If you have access to more than one class, turn the green slider to the ON position for each class you want to stream to. You can choose to stream to just one, or stream to many.

  5. Tap the Settings cog to check your settings. If you have previously streamed with a third party app such as Larix Broadcaster, you should enter the same settings for your video bitrate and resolution. If you do not change your settings, the default settings are:
    1. Resolution: 1280x720
    2. Bitrate: 2000
    3. Framerate: 30
    4. Adaptive bitrate: leave this OFF unless you have very bad internet.

  6. If you use an external audio source like a mixer, PA system or directional microphone, plug those in. You will see the audio source pop up on the screen. You can also tap the audio input button to manually change inputs.
  7. For this version of the app, the audio levels will always remain green. Changing the levels to show yellow (getting too high) and red (too high, your audio is distorted) will come in the next release. If you have previously plugged your audio into your streaming device, please leave the settings on your mixer the same as they were before. You do not need to make any adjustments.
  8. When you are ready to go live, tap the red record button.

  9. You will see the grey OFFLINE pill change to a red LIVE pill, and you will see the duration timer start counting.

  10. When you have finished streaming, tap the red stop button.
  11. If your internet drops out, you'll see a yellow warning message. The app will try to reconnect.

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